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Our Pastor

Photograph by King's Portrait Studio

used with permission.

Kenton L. Connor was born in South Bend Indiana and lived in Mishawaka, Indiana until age ten.  While attending First Baptist Christian School, he realized his need for a Saviour.  It was his fifth grade school teacher that led him to Christ.  And so, in the Fall of 1984, Kenton began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Shortly thereafter, his family moved to Plainfield, Illinois.  Kenton graduated from Plainfield High School in 1993.   Following graduation, he attended Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida where he earned his degree and met his future wife, Cynthia Ford of Clearwater, Kansas.  


Within 6 months, Kenton was hired by the Wichita Police Department where he served as a police officer for twelve years.  Shortly after he moved to Wichita, Cynthia and he were married.  Both remained active in their church while working and raising a family.  God blessed them with four children, Katherine, Caleb, William, and James.


As they worked, God revealed His plan for them to begin full time ministry.  Kenton began by volunteering with Rock of Ages Ministries out of Cleveland, Tennessee.  After an extended time of volunteering with Rock of Ages, Kenton resigned from the police department.  He was then sent out of Heritage Baptist Church of Wichita as a full time missionary to the prisons.    He spent a total of five years traveling throughout the country, preaching the Gospel, and teaching inmates about the Bible.


God again started to move in their lives and directed Kenton to pastor Fellowship Baptist Church in Portales, New Mexico.  After a year and a half in Portales, God moved the Connor's to Lakin, Kansas.  Pastor Connor has been the pastor of Victory Baptist Church since January of 2014.


Because of his love for Lakin and all the communities within Kearny County, Pastor Connor believes it important to be involved in those communities.  He currently serves as a City Council member for the City of Lakin.  He also works full time as and EMT for Kearny County EMS. In the past he served as the chairperson for the Kearny County Library Board, and was a board member of the Lakin Housing Authority.  He also was a volunteer firefighter with Kearny County Fire and Rescue. 

Pastor Connor desires to teach about Christ and to follow His guidance in teaching and ministry.


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